What’s In a Name?

Before I was born, my name was pulled out of a hat.  My parents couldn’t decide, so they put their favorite names on slips of paper in my dad’s worn-out UGA hat and let my older sister- who was 2 years old at the time- pick out my first and middle name. Chance and my […]

Wrapping Up

Where I’ve Been In keeping my blog this semester, I had the chance to explore what it’s really like to be a writer on the internet. As helpful and interesting as reading about theory and rhetoric is in a classroom, there’s nothing like doing hands-on work that lets you really experience what you are learning […]

Community for Rent

Recently, I attended the UGA Theatre Department’s performance of the musical Rent in the Fine Arts Building. If you’ve never seen it before, the musical written by Jonathan Larson centers a group of struggling artists and musicians in Brooklyn during the AIDS/HIV outbreak in the 1990s. The friends are all struggling to keep up with […]

5 Books Every Environmentalist Should Read

In case you didn’t know, books are important. Books help us share ideas, communicate complex ideas, and come together over an important topic. I consider myself to be a book nerd, an environmentalist, and a feminist, and these are some of the most important books I’ve read so far: 1. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall […]

Dear Christian: God Cares About the Environment, Why Don’t You?

I was raised in the church my whole life and the gospel reached my heart when I was in 6th grade. In college, I have been a part of multiple campus ministries, including Reformed University Fellowship. This ministry has taught me, loved me, and challenged me, and I’m forever grateful for it. But something I’ve […]

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

Here we are, the week after Thanksgiving, and the holiday season is upon us. The leaves are falling, the shops are full, and people are gearing up for their wintertime celebrations. Some would even say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for college students, this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the […]

Making a Spotify Playlist

My favorite holiday of the year is coming up, and it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas It’s Spotify Wrapped.   And if you have any similarities to me, you might often find yourself listening to music on the platform Spotify. Creating a playlist is a great way to have all your favorite songs in one place, […]

Is TikTok For You or Against You?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the app TikTok, and chances are you also have the app (a billion people do), and if you have the app, you also probably spend more time than you are willing to admit scrolling through videos. You’re not alone, I’ve done my fair share of […]

Weathering the Storm

Mostly due to the fact that I was twelve and this happened on the other side of the world, I was unaware that in January 2013, a bush fire ravaged the small community of Dunally, Tasmania and a picture of a family seeking refuge in the water went viral. Later that year, The Guardian published […]

Cool or Weird: Some Tips on Self-Growth

Cool or Weird? Yesterday, when I was getting dressed for the day, I walked out into the kitchen to ask two of my roommates a question they are familiar with, “Cool or weird?” I was referring to my outfit, which was a double XL denim shirt handed down to me by my dad tucked into […]