Wrapping Up

Where I’ve Been

In keeping my blog this semester, I had the chance to explore what it’s really like to be a writer on the internet. As helpful and interesting as reading about theory and rhetoric is in a classroom, there’s nothing like doing hands-on work that lets you really experience what you are learning about.

I said in my first blog post that the biggest goal for my blog was to find out how to be a more whole human being.

Through our class assigned posts I found this in doing a rhetorical analysis of We The Urban’s Instagram page, creating a how-to post for people trying to care for themselves more, and analyzing how “Firestorm” implemented multimodal features to tell the story of how a community came together in the midst of tragedy. Each of these focuses on a different way that people learn about themselves or others, and how they can grow from it.

In my extra posts, I decided to take a broader approach and explore other areas where people grow in understanding of their place in the world.

I wrote about our relationships with celebrities,

ways to help maintain your sanity during finals season,

and a list of books that I think everyone who considers themselves to care about the environment should read.

I wanted to use these posts to show different aspects of your life that can be used to grow in ways that readers might not have thought of before.

I found how to balance a tone of voice that is engaging for anyone to read while maintaining the level of content that I wanted to write about. I also developed my use of organization and visual components of writing a blog like white space and bolding.

Where I’m Going

So what’s next for The Mason Jar?

For now, I’ll take a break. Mainly because I’m in the midst of finals and have one million other assignments to get done. But who knows, I’ve got a lot of books I plan on reading over the break, so there’s a good chance I’ll report back on them.

So don’t worry, I’ll keep posting. But after this semester ends, it just might not be as constant as I hope.

I’ll probably also be posting on a broader level, not just things that were related to class topics or my feature project. But my goal will always be to find ways to be a more whole human, that search will never stop.

If you have read any of my posts thus far, thank you.

I’ve learned this semester that all writing, even writing on the web, is meant to bring a group of people together. Even though I’m just sitting here alone writing on my laptop, you were there on the other side. Maybe it was just the two of us, but that’s enough for me.



Hey there, my name is Mallory Mason. I am 21 and studying English, Writing, and Environmental Ethics at the University of Georgia. I'm passionate about cultivating community, seeking peace and justice, and learning how to be a better person to others and the planet. I love music, nature, and laughing with my friends. Thanks for visiting my website :)

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