How To Be A Whole Human

How do we become better humans? How do we grow in understanding each other and the world? Hey there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Mallory, and I am currently a student at the University of Georgia studying English, Interdisciplinary Writing, and Environmental Ethics. I’m a senior now, and if I boiled down every paper I wrote, every bit of research, I believe it would all come down to this question that I’ve been searching to answer.

I’ve found that the most effective answer to this question is simple, and yet has extremely complex consequences that seep into every area of life, and it’s empathy. Empathy is something that has eluded humans for so long and is so difficult to maintain that we have researchers, experts on empathy who have devoted their lives to finding out the importance of empathy. Here’s one of them:

The driving force of my search to answer this question does not solely come from the academic world, but wanting to deepen my friendships, build my character, and in general be a good human. But I am still a student, and one who I believe will never stop learning and never stop trying to find out how to become a more whole person. 

This is the endeavor that has created this blog. The digital world has sprung upon us an entirely new way to be a human, engaging with other humans in another world vast in existence yet living at our fingertips in our 6-inch screens. But this brave new world doesn’t end at our screens, it jumps out of our laptops and phones and the internet affects us long after we put down our phones (which is never for very long.) The internet has changed the way we’re humans, and I for one would like to find out how. 

How has texting and our continually shortening of words affected the way that we speak to each other face to face, and how has this changed our relationships? How has the alter ego that we create of ourselves on social media destroyed or harmonized with ourselves in real life? Some might say that the freedom of the internet has created a world without bias, but how has our broken society reached into our screens to deepen our flaws? 

I learned to write in a classroom, and until now have only written papers for my professors to read. Aside from the captions on my Instagram posts, this is my first time writing for the public eye, and I foresee a learning curve with this. However, my position as a student seeking the truth about the world we live in, my inclination to think critically about the ways we have hindered our relationships with other humans, and my end goal of cultivating empathy will propel me to step outside of my comfort zone of academic papers. 

I no longer accept the passive answer that the internet ends when we close our laptops, I want to find the truth about how our computers, TVs, and phones affect our humanity, and if necessary, how we can redeem them to become better humans and continue to seek empathy. 

If you would like to join me in this journey of discovering how we can become better humans in the age of the internet, come along and we’ll figure it out together.



Hey there, my name is Mallory Mason. I am 21 and studying English, Writing, and Environmental Ethics at the University of Georgia. I'm passionate about cultivating community, seeking peace and justice, and learning how to be a better person to others and the planet. I love music, nature, and laughing with my friends. Thanks for visiting my website :)

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